Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kettlebell swing and favourite dinner

How are you dear readers?

Kettlebell swin from today's workout
Training motivation is high and I used it with pleasure today.
Circuit 2 - check!

warm up: powerwalk on treadmill for 5 minutes
10 burpees*
burpee in 4 moves

* burpee is my love-hate exercise but it really warm-up all body! Try it! I don't say you will like it, but for sure you will feel it.

 The rest of Tuesday's workout consisted of:

* legs lunges with dumbbells 12x16kg each leg, 10x16kg, 10x16kg
good morning exercise
* legs, butt, chest, shoulders kettlebell swing 12x8kg, 12x10kg, 12x8kg
* glutes lying leg curls 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg
* back, biceps pull up (on easy power station) 12x25kg, 12x25kg, 12x25kg
* back, chest, triceps chin up (on easy power statnion) 12x25kg, 12x25kg, 12x25kg
* shoulders upright barbell row 10x11,5kg, 12x6,5kg, 12x6,5kg
* obliques russian twist 12x8kg, 12x8kg, 12x8kg
* lower back hyperextensions 12x5kg, 12x5kg, 12x5kg 

* lower back, glutes good morning with barbell 12x11,5kg, 12x11,5kg, 12x11,5kg

This training was followed by one of my favourite dinner
salmon with sweet potatoes and broccoli - perfect combinaton of tastes and - at the same time - so healthy!

easy dinner in only 10 minutes

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