Saturday, November 24, 2012


smile came only after I was done ;)
Today is about struggling. Struggling with waking up, go to work and do a training after work. I was tired, sleepy and my muscles were sore. But... I did it! 

35 minutes sessions of intervals on treadmill. 8 intervals (1 minute high, 1 minute low) with 10 minutes warm up and 10 minutes cool down&stretch. There same as this one.

There are days where motivation is low and the best solution would be to go back home, lay in bed under the blanket and eat a box of ice creams. And these days seems to be the best challenging for our strong will and determination. It is all about dedication. One day out of training won't change the world, but in the same logic - one day of training neither. Be persistent and always looking forward with a longer perspective.

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