Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Colourful casserole

colourful dish - meat&vegetables casserole

Today's recipe is about making quick, filling and low fat casserole. I named it colourful because of variety of vegetables I used to prepare it. It will enjoy both your eyes and stomach :)

Choose good quality minced meat, always see the label and fat, salt and water percentage.

First I pre-roast minced meat in the oven. Try to choose a meat which has no more that 9% fat. Seasoned meat with salt, pepper, garlic and other spices which you prefer. 
Roast meat for approximately 10 minutes. No additional fat would be needed, but remember about having a good oven-pan. 

Slice potatoes and cook them only for few minutes in a boiling, salted water
My choice of vegetables - eye enjoying green broccoli and orange carrot :)

When meat is the oven, there is a time for vegetables. I used carrot, broccoli and paprika. I chopped also potatoes and boild them for 5 minutes. They suppose to be only pre-boiled, the rest of the process will be continued in the oven.

Pre-roasted meat covered with paprika

First I putted paprika on the meat, then other vegetables. I covered everything with potatoes.

Add rest of vegetables, I choose carrot and brokkoli, but you can replace the with onion, cauliflower and other

Potatoes on the top

The last part is about souse making.

Cream which I used for sousce, this particular one has 18% of fat

This souse is optional. If you counting calories and have very restrict diet, you don't have to use this souse. However, I didn't use so much cream and cheese here, so if in moderation it won't be harmful for your diet :)

Small amount won't destroy your diet, but if you're a fan of big portions, consider choosing light cheese ;)

I mixed 2 spoons of cream with shredded cheese. Then I add spices of choice (in my case it was salt, pepper and paprika). I spread the souse over potatoes.

Ready casserole after 40 minutes in the oven

Casserole should be roasted in oven for 40-50 minutes in 200 degrees. Souse will mixed with potatoes and give the dish a great, home-made taste :)


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