Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Double tasting in the morning

sharon fruit and MFactor Dark Chocolate protein powder

Today I had two things to taste for the first time - sharon fruit and MFactor protein powder. So I used that two things for preparing my morning porridge. 

Sharon fruit - looks like an orange potato, isn't it? ;)

Sharon fruit, called also as an eastern apple, is a fruit which looks like tomato, has consistency like a melon and sweet taste like... hmm peach or apricot?

Cutted sharon fruit
 This fruit has about 70 kcal in 100g, so it is low in calories. It is rich in carotene, vitamin A, C and calcium. 

This rich orange colour is awesome!

I cut peeled sharon into pieces and mixed it with my oats and blackberries.

A little pack which came to me from MyRevolution yesterday

As I mentioned before, there were two things tasting today. Second one was a sample of MFactor protein powder which MyRevolution send to me. 

MFactor in 1kg container
What is different about MFactor? The source of protein in it. It is made from vegetable protein based on peas protein isolate. It is a great option for everyone who is allergic (or don't like) milk protein. 
MFactor in 4kg container
 MFactor has a rich dark chocolate taste and it is really thick after preparation. In 30 g dose you can find 23g protein, 1,5g carbs, 1,6g fat and 110 kcal.

clean breakfast for a good start of the day!

It was the great start for day! Hope you start yours also good!

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