Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday girl

even my Polar sends me b-day cake! ;)

Oh, recent days were so nice, exciting and joyful. I was (and actually still am) celebrating my birthdays!
despite celebration - yesterday and today were training days :)

I started just on Saturday with party, continue tomorrow with delicious dinner at Japan restaurant and today with amazing massage and planned shopping in the evening. 

my outfit from Saturday's party :)
The only thing I miss is my family around, by luckily I've got my beloved and friends with me :)

my birthday food - like a little girl, sweets&soda as pre workout and peanut butter for post workout ;D
With food I ate above, I had great energy during training and a little sugar shock right now, hehe (I am not used to such sweats and normally I avoud peanut butter because I can't eat only 1 spoon ;)

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