Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Did somebody says... cutting?

I have to say that my body responds very well for hevay weight training I am doing for 7 weeks now. I feel strong, I build some muscles. One thing I am missing is definition. That is why I, spontaneously, started cutting

today's lunch: chicken with a whole pack of broccoli with spoon of sesame oil

Why now? Maybe the timing is not the best, because soon I have my birthday, then mountain trip, so not the best time for dieting but... will there ever be perfect time for that? Well, no. So in order to postpone it to next Monday, next week or month I would rather start now and maybe do some cheat days but still be in cutting mode. No excuses!

today's grocery shopping

So I did my shopping today and first training on a new eating routine (I will wrote about it in a few days, first let me try if it is possible to folllow:) ). On the shopping list there was:
* oat bran
* broccoli
* squash
* cabbage
* oat milk
* carrots
* chopped carrots and cabbage
* rice cakes

Chicken and low fat cottage cheese I had already at home.

Recent to days were very exhausting for me - double shifts on both on Monday and Tuesday and 3 aerobic/spinn/resistance training classes.  
pre-workout drink is a perfect resolutions for those who need a kick of energy before trainings (as I needed those recent busy days!) - now in a great offer 3 in price of 2!

That is why I didn't have a chance to take my weight training as I suppose to. I wanted to make double training today, but - in order to let my body recover more - I took only one. 
Unexpectedly, the energy was very high and I did very effective chest, triceps and shoulders day at the gym! 

Todays exercises:
* flat bench press with dumbbells
* incline nebch flies
* dumbbell side laterals
* barbell shoulders press
* triceps pushdown
* lying barbell for triceps
* hanging leg raises

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