Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Better late then never

Finally (after months from first publishing) I've got Kristine's Weber new book "Sunn og ster med protein. Mat for muskler" (ang. "Healthy and strong with proteins. Food for muscles"). 

I am double happy because it is my easter gift from my beloved!
one of Kristine's desserts: cheesecake

This book is not only a cook book, it is a history of Krisitne who has one many of Norwegian body fitness competitions. She writes about healthy diet attitude, training and taking all the best from gym training. It is a great summing up and addition for her blog

What makes my happy is the fact that nowadays this book is on the 4th place of best selling books in Norway. Kristine truly deserved it! 

And I am so glad that healthy and protein rich recipes are sooo popular among Norwegians :)

Unfortunately this beautiful published book is only in Norwegian which makes it difficult to read for not Norwegian speaking readers. But.. you always can look and admire Kristine's kitchen ideas and her perfect femine body :)

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  1. Nå fikk jeg frysninger, tusen takk ♥
    Snill kjæreste du har da! :D