Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New arrivals!

I'm truly enjoying my day off today, especially when I had a chance to picked up my orders from bookstore and MyRevolution :)

Douglas S. Brooks "The complete book of personal training"
I've got great book about Personal Training - basically everything about job specification, working with clients and establishing your own PT business. It is more like a school/university handbook than a typical book, but I am very happy that it is so professional.
Better Bodies printed tee

Other thing which made me very happy was a long t-shirt/tunic from Better Bodies with their logo on chest.
Reflex L-glutamine and whey protein

Fiber fin & sukrin melis

Last, but not least, I've got also great supplements: protein powder with bannana/toffie flavour, L-Glutamine and baking accersorries: Fiber Fin and Sukrin Melis.

L-Glutamine isabundant naturally occurring, non-essential amino acid in the human body. L-Glutamine helps reduce muscle deterioration, improving recovery times after strenuous activity and has a postivie effect on body immune system. You can buy it here.
I will use it together with my BCAA.

Instant Whey Deluxe is a protein powder with a rich banana/toffee flavour. It is a whey hydrolisat rich in digestive enzymes and probiotics.
It doesn't have such a high protein value as MyoProtein, but still it has 73g protein in 100g.
You can buy Reflex Instant Whey Deluxe here.

FiberFin is a product which can replace flour. It is rich in fiber, contains 60% of it. It increase fiber contain in your cookings without changing it flavour. Smat solution for those who love pancakes, cookies and other bakings :)

Sukrin Melis is a variation of Sukrin sweetener The deifference is that it is altready malted and can be use the same as powdered sugar. Sukrin can be bakes and use in high temperatures. You can buy it here.

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