Monday, January 14, 2013

Icy cold Monday

a picture from december photosession with Monika Hoffman

Winter is no joke, here in Norway. Days are getting icy cold, today is about -20 degrees.. 
There is not much sun too (only from about 9-10 til 15) , so there is very hard to stay optimistic and not fall into depression ;) 
But, on the other hand, this weather is pretty good for doing some good training indoors. 

I made mine today - whole body training followed by stretching session.

* squats with 12x27kg, 12x27kg, 12x31kg
* push ups - 2x12, 1x15
* dips (Easy Power Station) - 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg
* crunch up - 3x12
* hip thrust - 3x12 25kg (superset)
* shoulder press - 3x12 reps with 6 kg weight
* upper back machine exercise (machine) 3x12 reps 15kg
* total glutes machine 2x12 reps 16kg 1x12 reps 21 kg

* flies (machine) 3x12 12kg
* plank 60 s

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