Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pizza time!

Meat pizza on yeast dough covered in fresh spinach and ruccola
Another fast-food in healthier edition. I prepared pizza, this time with lots of meat and on yeast dough. 

For dough I used ready mix from Protein Fabrikken. 
This one is made mainly from almond flour, white eggs and whey protein. It contains only 4g carbs per portion of ready pizza, is full in protein and fiber (healthier option for sure, but still not tasting as good as regular pizza dough, to be honest). 

champignons seasoned with oregano, basil, salt and garlic pepper
I prepared champignons first, rich seasoning them with oregano and basil. I only put them on pan and warm till they put juices.

this minced meat has approximately 8% of fat

Minced chicken meat was next for preparing. I used the same seasoning which I used with champignons.

paprika - one of my favourites ingredients in the kitchen

I chopped also red paprika.

I made dough from adding dry yeast, 0,5dl of walnut oil and 2,5 dl of warm water to flour mix

After preparing dough and leaving it for 30 minutes to grow (mine didn't grow much - I am poor with yeast stuff).

I used pizza souse from can with chopped tomatoes in it.

pizza ready for baking

I put all ingredients on dough and put it to the oven for 30 minutes in 200 degrees.
I like adding cheese only for the end of baking process - only to melt it
After 20 minutes I took pizza from the oven and add cheese on top. I use a mix of regular and parmesan cheese. Then I putted pizza for the next 10 minutes to the oven.

I decorate pizza with fresh chopped ruccola and spinach.

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