Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday little shopping

today's newcomers

Walking through streets of Sofienberg (one of Oslo's districts) I made some little shopping in local supplements shop.

I bought a new product from Funksjonell Mat which is Sesame flour. This is fat reduced product from powdered sesame seeds. It contains 46% of protein and only 6% of carbs.
I am a big fan of sesam oil, so I can't wait to try these together in my kitchen.

Another thing was Fresh - a high energy and no calories drink with cherry flavour. This particular one contains guarana and Vinitrox. The last ingredients is claimed to increase blood flow to the muscles, that is why it can help with strength and endurance while trainings.

And the last thing is just simple protein bars from Protein Fabrikken. I really like their taste and the fact that they contains only 162 kcal per bar and 19g of proteins. Perfect for a little treat.

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