Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy, tired, sweaty, but.. satisfied :)

tired, but happy :)

Finally it is Friday's evening and I can begin my totally free weekend! After very intensive last 2 weeks I really need some time to rest!

I will also take 2 days off from training due to my sore muscles after recent trainings.

it suppose to be a Friday Flex but it turned into Friday Stretch ;)

Another hard-core Friday at work it was! 
At 10 and 11 I had spinn and toning class and another cycling in the evening followed by an hour of aerobic. Ouch!

Push up with wide legs

But I am very happy because of my classes - more clients keep coming on them each week*! And to see a happy face of sweating customer after class is the best reward for me!

* I am having toning class at 10:30 and aerobic class at 18:00 on Fridays - for those who are in Oslo and would like to drop in to Sport og Mosjon :)

I really love my new training pants from Better Bodies

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