Sunday, December 2, 2012

Circuit 3 and orange dinner

bulgarian lunge with dumbbells exercise

Sunday's training 

Today was the last training for this week, circuit three.
I had so much power that I also did some additional exercises and beat my own 3 records! :)

Today's total body workout:
* inner thighs side split squat with barbell 12x12,5kg 12x15,5kg 12x15,5kg
* thighs bulgarian lunge 12x6kg 12x8kg 12x8kg
* back bent over row 12x12,5kg 12x15,5kg 12x15,5kg
* back seated rowing 12x35kg 12x35kg 12x35kg
* lower back, glutes deadlift 10x40kg 10x40kg 10kgx40kg (!) my new deadlift record!
* abs kneeling crunch 12x22,5kg 12x22,5kg 12x22,5kg
* chest bench press 10x14,gkg 12x14,5kg 10x14,5kg
* legs, butt leg press 45 degrees 12x110kg 12x110kg 12x120kg (!) my new leg press record!
* shoulders lateral raise 12x4kg 12x6kg 12x6kg
* calves calve muscles leg press 20x110kg 20x110kg 20x110kg
* chest max reps of classic push up - I made 40 in a row (!) new record in push ups!

Sunday's dinner

delicious oven-baked salmon with sweet potatoes and carrot&apple salad

After work and such a great training there was a a time for a good dinner: salmon with sweet potatoes and carrot-apple salad :)

I am a big fan of apple&carrot salad, however I do not always have time to prepare it. You simply have only to grate carrots and apples, that is it!
don't forget to add few drops of olive oil that all the vitamins from carrot could be absorbed

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