Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Body Attack

Just before hitting the aerobic room
Today's training was a combination of cardio with some strength exercises. I went for "Body Attack" made by Les Mills. 

I still working on my instructor's skills and looking for so many inspirations as possible! :)

What can I say about Body Attack
* It is intensive, for sure.
* It is divided into separate parts: 

low/high impact moves - simple moves, very intensive tempo
strength training - push-ups, lunges, squats and its variation, high tempo as well (in the middle of the session and in the end)
sport's conditioning - running around the class, little interaction between group members

* It takes approximately 55-60 minutes without long breaks 
* It has short warm up and cool down

Because of it's intensiveness it is more conditioning and efficiency improving training than standard fat-burning routine.

In 60 minutes I have burnes approximately 510 calories, which mean that it WAS INTENSIVE ;)

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