Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alternative for pork chops

My fit version of traditional pork chops in breadcrumb

Pork chops in a breadcrumbs is something which many people (especially Polish) are used to it. Tradition? We can call it that.

typical polish dish - pork chop, potatoes and sauerkraut and 1000 of calories ;)

Today I made some healthier alternative for this dish - chicken chops breaded in sesame seeds and brans

 From left - egg, than mix of sesame seeds and brans, soy flour and chicken fillets

You prepare meat the same as for the traditional pork chops, you only make some little changes. For breading (crumb) I prepared mix of brans and sesame, soy flour (you can use an other one) and one egg.

Seasoned chicken breast with salt and pepper, than put the meat to the first container with flour, cover it with it and continuously put it to the egg and sesame&brans at the end.

yes, sometimes I do fry things ;)

I pre-fry all on a frying pan (for about 4 minutes on each side), then put chops to the oven and let them stay there for next 20-30 minutes. 

I served chicken chops with jacked potatoes and lots of vegetables.

This dish has still more calories than pure chicken breast, but less than original version from pork meat and breadcrumb.

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