Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My interval training

As I wrote in one of previous post - interval and weight training is the best combination for fat burning. And yesterday evenings I was actually doing one of that training, high intensive interval training this time. 
the idea of high intensity interval training

For doing interval training you can use each machine which you can find in the studio - elliptic machine, cross-trainers, bicycles, treadmill and so one. I did mine on treadmill.

I started with 10 minutes warm up with a moderate tempo. First with speed 6kh/h and power walk (approxiamtely 4 minutes), then up to 7kh/h (4 minutes) and at the end light jog with peace 8km/h.

Then I started intervals, main part of the training. 
60 seconds in very high tempo (from 11km/h to 12km/h) followed by 60 minutes break - power walk in peace 7km/h. 
I took 8 rounds of this, which took me 16 minutes together.



After intensive intervals, I took 5 minutes for cool down, first with tempo 7km/h, then 6km/h and for the last 2 minutes I slowed to 4km/h.

I use free application which is called "Interval timer". It gives me signs when I have to start next interval. It is pretty much just a gadget, you can do it without this of course :) 

All training took me 31 minutes, I burned 220 kcal during training, but this number will increase by the after burn effect. 

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