Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Weekend in London was great! But also full of drinks and snacks which I am not use to. So, it is time for a proper cleanse! 
It is good to take a break from trainings and ultra healthy diet for a while, but it is even better to be back on track again :)
I've got few patterns for quick and easy detox:

* drink more water
Start the day with glass of water, preferable with fresh squeezed lemon juice; drink white or green tea, herbs tea might also help

* eat more veggies
Make your dishes green from different kind of veggies, like brokkoli, salad and more

* cut some carbs
After weekends splurges I like to cut a half of consuming carbs (rice, bread, oats) and add some veggies instead; body have enough glucose after weekend, so days or two with less carbs might help to loose those additional water which our body could store after drinking alcohol and snacking to much

* sweat!
Come back to the gym as soon as possible. The longer the brake from gym routine is, the harder would it be to be back on track

* use some additional backup

today I drank some protein shake with tones of vitamins - huge vitamin bomb :) I bought in in London actually

I recommend also Ortis Detox specific - you put some drops to your water and drink it all day. It's all natural and pretty tasty :)

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