Saturday, April 13, 2013

Something sweet - SweatLeaf stevia drops

My supplies have just been enhanced by Sweatleaf Stevia drops in new exciting tastes: cola, lemon, peppermint and hazelnut
stevia plant

Stevia is a natural sweetener with a characteristic strong, little bitter and sweet taste. It is 10-15 times sweeter that normal sugar. 
Stevia can be use for baking, cooking, sweetening coffee/tea and so on. It has no calories and doesn't not influence blood level. 
Stavia is selling in natural form (leafs), powdered and in a form of drops. 
there are mny producers of stevia sweeteners, I have Sweet Leaf at home

Huge advantage of Stevia is that it is nor artificial product (comparing to aspartan and others) and that it can be processed in high temperatures, disadvantage might be that it taste differs a little from taste of sugar.

Flavoured variants of stevia are great way to sweetened your cottage cheese, bake delicious cake and break the routine. 

Cola flavour - as producer suggest, adding few drops to sparkling water makes a refreshing drink. Taste is little bit more herbal than real cola for me.

Hazelnut flavour - my personal winner! Great for cottage cheese with other nuts.

Pepperminf flavour - the best for sweeteing tea and making refreshing cheese cake.

Lemon drop flavour - ideal for tea, drinks, water and quark. Brings spring :)

At home I have also English Toffee (yummy for cakes and baking in general) and chocolate (which I like the least).

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