Monday, February 11, 2013

Protein pancakes

Protein banana&toffee flavoured pancakes

Pancakes was something which came across my mind every time I was hungry last week. Unofrtunately, I didn't have an occassion to do them previous days. Finally, I had a chance to prepare them!

And this is how I made some protein pancakes with banana and toffee flavour:)

You will need:

4 big spoons of banana&toffee protein powder ( used one from Reflex)
2 big spoons of almond flour
1 tea spoon of sukrin (or any other sweetener which can be warm up)
1 tea spoon of baking powder
1 white egg
0,5 cup of milk
0,5 cup of water
oil for frying (coconut oil would be perfect, but I used raps oil actually, which is also good)

Mix all ingredients, first dry, then milk and water. Add water to have proper consitecy - dough should be too watery.

Heat the pan, add oil and fry as normal pancakes


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