Friday, January 4, 2013

Busy days

in my My Revolution's t-shirt :)

It was a really busy beginning of the year!
After we came back to Norway from our winter break in Poland, I jump into work duties so much that I didn't even have a chance to write about my recent workouts and meals. 

no time for fancy cooking these days, only quick meals like this one - spelt tortillas (lomper) with smoked norwegian salmon
In the matter of training, I had a good start:

Wednesday - 15 min of spinn and 30 min of circuit trainig at the gym
Thursday - 30 minutes of spinn

back in Sport og Mosjon Training Center :)
And today, on Friday, there is a grueling challenge for me - 3 workouts!
First 40 minutes of strength/toning class (10:00), then - in the other part of the day - 60 minutes of spinn and 60 minutes of aerobic.

Summing up - 60 min of spin, 60 minutes of aerobic and 40 minutes of weight training. Wow! 
I do not recommend training so much, though. The fact I am doing like that today is only because my instructor's duties.

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