Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter desserts - protein cocoa


Happy Monday everyone! There is -15 degrees in Oslo right now and as far as I enjoy winter, the same I am enjoying my comfy home and warm drinks :)

Here is my recipe for warming, aromatic cocoa

you can use soy milk, almond/rice or normal cow milk instead
For a base I used soy milk with vanilla taste. Soy milk is easier to digest than traditional cow milk, it is also rich in proteins.

use raw cocoa, not the sweetened version like nesquick etc.

I add one scoop of unsweetened cocoa to the soya milk and boil it together. Natural cocoa doesn't dissolve so quickly, that is why heating might help. I also added scoop of Sukrin (sweetener) because cocoa itself is very bitter.

this espresso cup is perfect for preparing protein powder mouse which I will mix with cocoa

In smaller cup I dissolve one scoop of protein powder in a tiny amount of soya milk. Protein powder preferably should have chocolate flavour. I used Mocca-Chocolate MyoProtein from MyRevolution.

mix protein mouse with cocoa

Pour soya milk with cocoa to the glass and mix it with dissolved protein powder (don't boil protein powder).
it is the best when serving hot :)

Enjoy! :)

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