Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Low carb bread

Seeds rich, low in carbs bread

Are you also a homemade bakery lower? :) 
I made a low carb bread from Funksjonell Mat which I bought here
This bread has little carbs, no yeast and no gluten. I was surprised how easy to prepare it was!

In this little package you get a ready mix of dough ingredients and a little charming form. And what this bread is based on? Mostlu on seeds, fiber and eggs and bean protein.

you don't even have to worry about oven pan, you get everything

Basically all you have to do is add 3dl of water into dry ingredients and mix it and then, put it to this little form.
this form is really small, so you will get a mini bread - if you have a family coming with visit, better prepare more supplies ;)

A form with dough has to bake in oven for approximately 70 minutes in 170 degrees. After 60 minutes I took bread from the form and baked it without it, to get more crunchy crust.

that is how baked bread looks like
this bread has a really good nutritional value - approximately 58 kcal in one slice, 3,5g of protein, 1,0g of carbs and 3,4 g of fats

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