Sunday, November 4, 2012

Train insane or remain the same!

I just have an amazing gym workout! 
I focused on back, chest and legs most, but did also few exercises for ABS.
I love my "move your ass" t-shirt ;D

My performance is better and better with each week. It gives me even more energy! :) 
At the end of each exercise I did also a superset without or with less resistance. That was very challenging, but I hope that it will also give my muscles an additional pump and challenge!


* pullups on easy power station  2x10 30kg / 1x5 20 kg / 1x12 35 kg 
(*on easy power station resistance is inverted - the less kg you have, the harder it is)
   superset 1x25 35 kg
* dips on easy power station 3x12 30kg
   superset 1x20 35kg 
 * seated row 1x12 35kg 2x12 30kg (10 and 5 kg more than previous week!)


* squat on smith machine 2x10 25 kg 1x12 25kg (5kg more than previous week!)
   superset 1x20 5kg
* leg press 1x12 80kg 2x12 100kg (10 and 30 kg more than previous week!:)
* cat muscle press 3x20 100kg (30kg more than a previous week!)
45 degree leg press

* 45 degree leg press 2x20 100 kg
* lunge with barbell 3x12 10kg
   superset 1x20 without dumbell


* chins on easy power station 3x10 30 kg 
   superset 1x15 35 kg 
* flies with dumbells 3x12 6kg


* crunches 3x12 5kg
* crunches to side 3x12kg 6kg
Cable kneeling crunch exercise (but my end position wasn't so deep as in this picture)

* cable kneeling crunch 1x12 10 kg / 2x12 12,5 kg

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