Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy girl and her pack

In my new red t-shirt :)

MyRevolution's pack happiness again! 

This time I got:
* Cake mix - it is an healthier ready to prepare cake mix based on low fat amlound floor and fiberfin (natural resistant starch from corn); it has no gluten and no sugar (only sweetener); depends on ingredients, you can make from it an apple pie, pumpkin pie and so on; Kakemix can be bought here

* Low carb bread mix - without yeast and gluten, with sunflower and pumpkin seeds; per slice there is only 1 g of carbs, can be bought here
* Sukrin - all natural sweetener, which I used insted of sugar when I am baking 

* MyRevolutions t-shirts - finally in a good size, previous one was way toooo big ;)
* MyRevolution shaker - which will replace my old one shaker for my BCAAs 
* some protein bars (Chunk of Protein and Big 100 from Protein Fabrikken)

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