Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cod crumbed in parmesan cheese

Fish, veggies and potatos - old school in a new edition :)

Dinner of the day: cod crumbed in parmesan cheese served with string bean and baked sweet potatoes.
I was inspired by Kristines Weber recipe when she did parmesan crumbed chicken.

From left: egg white, mix of almond flour and parmesan, salt&pepper

First I seasoned cod with salt and pepper, then put it into egg white and subsequently into mix of lowfat almond flour* with parmesan cheese. 
I fired it for about 2 minutes on each of side and then put into owen for next 20 minutes.

*normal flour/ground flax seeds/oats can be used here

I baked sweet potatos for about 30 minutes. I spiced them with paprika, chili and salt. 

Green string bean, yummy!
I boiled string beans for about 10 minutes (not to much, let it be a little rough), then I melt a spoon of butter in a pan together with fresh garlic. You don't have to eat the garlic, but it gave butter delicous taste!

My portion - about 120g cod, 150-200g sweet potatoes, green vegies and a little butter on them

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