Thursday, October 25, 2012

Asparagus for the first time

Hello you, welcome to Nordic's kitchen ;)

It is even shame to admit that I didn't have change to prepare asparagus myself ealier. But there is always have to be the first time, isn't it? ;)

Tripled coloured dinner: cod, sweet potatoes and asparagus

For today's dinner I prepared roasted cod with sweet potatoes and, of course, asparagus. 

I am always preparing more to have something to put into my tomorrow's lunchbox :)
All preparation process was very easy: I put cod into oven-pan, seasoned it with salt with herbs, paper&garlic. I used also few drops of sesam oil for roasting. 
I chopped sweet potatoes and also put them into the oven when I roasted both fish and potatoes for about 20 minutes.

Asparagus prepared for cooking
Asparagus preparation is simple, but remember to cut of (or break off) the lower part. of vegetable I cooked asparagus in a pan with it's ends above the water level. 

Upper part of asparagus is so delicate that it doesn't have to be boiled - steam is enough.

Green asparagus doesn't have to be peeled and they need less time in boiling water than white ones. After 10 minutes of cooking, I served asparagus with little butter.

Sesam seeds for cod and little butter on asparagus will finish the dish

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