Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MyoProtein review

After two weeks of using I am finally able to write my review of MyoProtein protein powders.
I bought them from MyRevolution.There was special July offer and I've got 20% discount for buying tree 600g pacages in 3 different tastes. So I happily could taste Mocca Chocolate, Choco Peanut and Strawberry. 

I have to admit, that the nutrition value is exqusitie! 85g whey and milk protein isolate, only 2g of carbs and 1,8g of fat.
I was little dissapointed with Choco Peanut taste. I hoped that there will be more like peanut butter taste mixed with chocolate. Unfortunately, peanut taste is imperceptible. Mocca Chocolate is the winner! Now I know why so many people reccomend it! :)

I summary my review in table below. 

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