Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exploring London - Fitness First Carnaby Street

I was a frequent gueast at Fitness First Carnaby Street recently, not only for training reasons  But, I did have a chance to train there as well on Sunday. I got a free day pass to check the club and its facilities. It was so nice to lift some heavy weights! I really look forward to have my own club where I could train daily, like I used to in Norway.

Free weights room, pic from

Location of Fitness First Carnaby Street street is just wonderful - little streets, full of shops and coffee bars in the hearth of London.

Carnaby Street

The club itself is way more smaller than the clubs I was training in Norway. 
It has one room with free weights and one big room/space for cardio machines (lots of treadmills, bikes and rowing machines) with some additional training machines. 

Beside that there are also dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and other circuit training equipment available. 

pic from
You have everything which you need to make a proper training, but personally I prefer bigger clubs with more space for your own training and with all the popular machines doubled (like squat rack, benches and so on). 
The staff is very friendly and the have also good choice of protein/carb shakes to choose from. 

crayfish and avocado salad with skinny cappuccino
The beauty of location made it so comfortable to have a coffee in that great location after training - perfect! :)

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