Sunday, March 10, 2013


chocolate muffins with lemon and chocolate frosting

Sunday is a great day to prepare some sweet cupcakes!

For base I used Funksjonell Mat chocolate cake mix. It is a ready to bake mix which contained 40% less calories, 10% more fiber, has no sugar and, most importantly, is very, very tasty!

I made two types of icing - lemon anc chocolate one.


Make cupcakes base from Chocolate Mix, add 3 eggs, 1dl of oil and 3dl of water. Put the dough into cupcakes forms and bake for 30 minutes in 180 degrees in the oven. Let them cool down before putting glaze on them.

For lemon frosting: mix Kaseam Mager with Sukrin Melis, jucie from half a lemon, additionally you can add yellow pigment.
For chocolate frosting: mix Kesam Mager with Sukrin Melis and 2 scoops of MyoProtein Mocca Chocolate Flavour.

Happy Sunday! :)

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