Monday, November 19, 2012

New week, hard training

New week is here! New possibilities, new goals, new start! Each reason can be right to make new week more awesome than previous one! :)

I started mine with weight session. Legs, shoulders and ABS! :)


* squat on smith machine 12x 20 kg 12x15kg 12x25kg
Bulgarian lunges exercise

* bulgarian lunges with dumbbells 10x16kg 10x16kg
* dead lift 12x17,5 kg 12x20kg 12x20kg

* leg press 12x100kg 12x100kg 12x100kg
* cat muscles press 20x100kg 20x100kg 20x100kg


* shoulder press 12x4kg 12x4kg 12x4kg
* upright row 10x 12,5kg 10x12,4kg 10x12,gkg
* seated lateral raise 12x4kg 12x4kg 12x4kg
* arnold press 12x4kg 12x4kg 12x6kg


* hanging knee rise 3x12
* russian twist 12x6kg 12x6kg 12x6kg
* ab thuck 3x12

70 minutes of training, 320 kcal burned :)

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