Saturday, November 17, 2012

Burn that fat!

Yesterday I wrote about scale myth and how important is to measure yourself instead of using scale.
Today I would like to write about training focusing on fat burning. It might bring you weight loss as well, but main focus will be to get rid of fat and get body thinner, not necessary lighter.

Everything I know is the result of my own experience, there are many theories in this topic, but I would like to present my point of view here which I believe as an effective method.

1) start weight training 

Do i repeat myself? Well, yes - because it is important to go on a gym instead of running miles on a treadmill!

Research shows that resistance training burn fat more than typical aerobic workout

On one of sports trainings forum ( posted recently  a great research about this: 
Survey group it the same amount of food and train - one of them did gym trainings, second one cardio workouts. It shows that the first group burned more fat. Take a look at this chart:

Aerobic group's weight loss was bigger, but they lose 4 kg of lean mass and 12,8kg of fat mass. Comparing to group with resistance training, they loose 4 kg less, but keep their lean mass (muscles) and loose 1,7 kg of fat more than aerobic training group.

2) do intervals instead of long cardio workouts

Interval training is that kind of training where you push yourself to the limits, than take an active pause and again repeat the circle. It is shorter than long cardio workout and research shows that it is more effective as well. 

You only have to remember that you can't have any medical contradictions to make such an intensive training.

An example of interval training
Interval training is shorter that typical fat burn cardio training (at least 40 minutes with the same peace), it also has longer after burning effect. Your body after such intensive workout have to use more energy to go back to stable state. 
Take a look at this chart:

With a cardio workout your after burn effect last for 1-2 hours, with intervals it is few times longer (6-8) hours. If you combine resistance training with intervals you get 48 hours of after burn effect!!

3) eat each 3-4 hours

It is not about eating whatever you have in your fridge, but it is about clean and healthy eating each 3-4 hours. You have to now your approximate calories intake and break this calories amount into small meals. This method will keep your metabolism high!

Check out the chart above, I recommend also this calculator.

4) eat more proteins

Consuming more protein rich foods will increase your metabolism and will help your muscles grown. Body uses more energy to burn proteins than to burn carbs or fats, that is why it helps you. 
Grams of protein in selected food

But at the same time, do not exclude carbs from diet, you also need them! Just choose whole grains and eat less portions of carbs than usual in favour to lean protein sources portions.

5) have healthy snacks with you

Stress, rush and daily problems might be the main obstacle in realising your goal. Plan ahead. Always have with you some healthy snacks/meal replacements. When you are ridiculously hungry you won't thing about nutrition value, you will just eat whatever you will have in front of your eyes. Avoid it!
What snacks you can have in your bag?
* protein bar (choose that one which have less than 150 calories and about 20 g of proteins - not every fit/sport/protein bar is really healthy)
* apple and handful of almonds
* small yoghurt with plastic spoon (like Skyr) - choose that with no added sugar and low in fat
* protein pancake 
* sandwich with lean ham and salad
* small carrots


6) replace half of your carbs portion with vegetables

Instead of eating half a plate of pasta/potatoes/rice, replace 1/2 of it with vegetables of source - broccoli, cauliflower, salad, tomatoes, onion and so on. You will cut some calories from your meal and add additional vitamins and minerals to your daily intake.

7) give yourself at least 6 months

You did not gain fat by night and it is the same with burning it - it takes time. Your body need to have to it to make crucial adjustments. You have to let the burning fat machine gets started and let it work for a while! 
It is not a problem to lose 3 kg of water, but burning 3 kg of fat takes time.


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