Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smile, it's Tuesday!

After working til 22 yesterday, today I've got my day off. I enjoyed long sleep and autumn's atmosphere. 
Now I am charging my batteries with some delicious lunch. I made it very easy bu using ingredients which cam always be found in my fridge:

Skyr (naturally non fat yoghurt with no suggar added), apple and spelt tortillas (norwegian's lomper)

Lomper with joghurt and apple piecies with lot's of cinnamon

And that is how it looks like in the end :)
 But I also prepared some sandwiches with smoked atlantic trout and rye crisp bread.

Smoked trout, young ruccola and spinat, rye crisp bread

Norwegian have the best fishes ever! No doubts!

After lunch I will prepare little for today's training with new customer. For some time, beside other duties, I work in my training studio as 'motivator' and training advisor. 

Working on training plan for customer :)

I never felt better! It's the right job for me, such a nice feeling! One step closer of becoming Personal Trainer :)
And I can't till the evening when I will have my second yoga session. Yes, I am a total beginner in that - but I have to start somewhere! ;)

Have a nice day!

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