Thursday, August 2, 2012

My experience with MyRevolution and MyoProtein

I just have got my first order from MyRevolution! I found a great pack promotion (which actually ended i July), where I got 20% discount for 3 MyoProteins in three different tastes: Mocca Chocolate, Strawberry and Choco Peanut.

My first lesson? Never again use MyPack as deliver company! Unless you want to have an extra cardio workout running round Oslo in order to find your missed pack...

After exhausting Oslo-exploration I got home and decided to do my first Protein Coffee. Famous 'proteinkaffe' recommended by Kristine from :) 
I mixed coffe and Mocca Chocolate protein and.. it was delicious! Protein shake gave the coffee thick consistence and interesting taste. That coffee doesn't need the milk which I normally used! Thank you Kristine :) 

Enjoying my first cup of protein coffee :)

I will be back with MyoProtein review!

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