Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter desserts: Guilt-free rolled heaven

spelt tortillas rolls with pomegranate flavour Skyr and chocolate souse

It is still winter, so it is not a failure to splurge yourself with some guilt-free desserts.

I prepare this actual one with only three ingredients and NO effort or time.

I used spelt lomper (soft norwegian tortillas), put a Skyr inside (it is a naturally low fat and rich in protein yoghurt but with little more thigh consistence) and decorate it with Walden's chocolate souse. 

Walden's souse has only 5 kcal is low in carbs and fat. I bought it in polish shops with supplements, you can order it on net too. To find a replacement for Skyr, if you don't live in Scandinacia, you can use homogenise cheese (like Danio for instance). If you will look for some tortillas, try whole-wheat ones. 

This particular dessert is low in fat, rich in protein (Skyr) and a course of complex carbs (spelt tortillas).

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