Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today's workout

bulgarian lunge exercise, good for thighs and butt :)

Energy level and motivation is still high, that is why I used it for my last training this week. That doesn't mean that I am not gonna try after today, but tomorrow I have a day full with aerobic classes, so I won't over-train and rest and the weekend. 

push-up variation with one leg up
Today I did circuit training which contained of:

* inner thighs adduction on machine 12x30kg 12x30kg 12x25,kg * thighs bulgarian lunge 12x6kg 12x8kg 12x8kg * back bent over row 12x12,5kg 12x15,5kg 12x15,5kg * back seated rowing 12x35kg 12x35kg 12x35kg * lower back, glutes deadlift 12x25kg 12x25kg 12kgx25kg * abs kneeling crunch 12x22,5kg 12x22,5kg 12x22,5kg * chest bench press 10x15kg 12x10kg 10x10kg * legs, butt leg press 45 degrees 12x110kg 12x110kg 12x120kg * shoulders lateral raise 12x4kg 12x4kg 12x4kg * calves calve muscles leg press 20x110kg 20x110kg 20x110kg
* chest push up 10x
* core, obliques side plank 45s each side

good pre-workout meal results in good training :) I ate salmon and sweet potatoes approximately 2 hours before training session

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