Sunday, October 14, 2012

Typical norwegian dinner

Today I made Norwegian (and Scandinavian) classic: meat balls in brown sause with cranberries jam, potatoes and vegetables.

Meatballs - Scandinavian specialty

If you ever have been in Ikea's restaurant, you're probably familiar with this course ;)

Insted of crumbs I used minced flax seeds and rye bran

For meat balls I used poultry minced meat. I seasoned it with garlic, onion, paprika, salt&pepper. Then I added one egg. For consistetcy instead of crumbs I used minced flax seeds and rye bran.
I use Fry Light, it is a one calorie spray which I use for frying

I fried meat balls on each side on a pan and after few minutes put into pot and then boild in a souce. I used souce from  pack. I know I should do one myself, but souces are not my domain ;)

Let meatballs boil in souce for approximately 15 minutes

I served meat with jacked potatoes* and vegetables as well as with home made cranberries jam. 
Ready to eat! :)
*jacked potatoes have higher nutrition value than peeled potatoes


Cranberries jam

healthy and yummy!

It is so easy to made your own jam! 

I bought those fresh cranberries for only 12,5 nok!
I just boiled fresh cranberries with few spoons of sweetener (before using it, check if your sweetener can be processed in over 100 degrees! Splenda is best here). For best consistency I added half a spoon of fiber husk.

Cranberries are rich in vitamins (mostly vitamin C) and fiber. You can add fired cranberries to your oatmeal (watch on sugar intake, most of fried cranberries has been sweeten). 

Different kind of cheeses and cranberries - perfect combination!
Cranberries jam fits perfect for cheese dish. I made than one yesterday, when friends came with visit.
I served different kind of cheeses (camembert, blue and norwegian one) with homemade jam. Yummy!

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