Friday, July 27, 2012



Welcome to my new fitness project. Few months ago I move to Norway, the country I love and am really interested in. With this relocation I wanted to incorporate as much fitness as possible into my daily live. And I did it ridiculously quickly and easy! Where could I fit best than to a fitness centre where I found my first job?  So now I am working in a place where I can help other to reach their goals, as well as realize mine own.

We can say that I am a fitness addict. Everything I know and do I learned myself, by my mistakes and continuously fight with with my sicknesses and obstacles. I still have plenty of things to accomplish which makes my journey even more exciting.

And what about the ‘nordic’ mentioned in the topic? Well, it is not hard to guess that my journey will focus on exploring this beautiful country even better in terms of healthy lifestyle. First thoughts? Norwegians are health&fitness obsessed! They enjoy every weather and any kind of sport activity. It is a real pleasure to see so many young, adults and oldies who train, run, skiing and display their faces to the sun shines. 

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