Thursday, May 23, 2013

High energy!

Recent days are full of positive attitude, happiness and smile!Nothing special happened since Tuesday thought, but last weekend filled me with good energy :)

Trainings are getting well. I did back&biceps on Tuesday, legs&abs on Wednesday and chest,shoulders&triceps today. Two upcoming days are dedicated to cardio (due to my aerobic classes) and Sunday for heavy leg workout!


I started also little cutting. I don't want to use a word 'diet', because it has a negative meaning for me. 

With my own version of cutting I ate my carbs in the morning and after workout, but swap another sources of carbs (rice, bread, potatoes) for vegetables. 

This results in less calories per day, but not a drastic cut (I don't want to let my body put it intro starvation mode when it's stared to gain fat in order to protect itself from being not enough feeded).

And why I even started cutting? Because I want to go on a higher level with my fitness progress. Simple clean and balance eating keeps my body in balance, but I want more ripped look. In order to achieve the look I wanted, I have to do a little more than regular effort. 

Diet noodles helping me with quantities. It is almost no calories asian food which makes your dish bigger and make you more full, without adding additional calories.

lunch for today - diet noodles with eggs, ham, vegetables and parmesan souse

Today I made myself delicious lunch with 1 egg, 3 egg whites, lean ham, vegetables, shirataki noodles with Walden Farm's Alfredo souse on top. 

Alfredo souse which I used for my dish :)


Walden Farm's products are another diet-savers. 
These are no fat, little carb souses (they are also sweet dips) which makes my cutting life tastier. 
Sure, it is not natural and definately it is not a 'clean food', but if you treat it only as a addition to regular, clean food, it can make your diet dishes even more pleasurable :)

For my polish readers I can recommend this site with Walden Farm's offer in Poland.

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