Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pink attack!

It's funny - the older I am, the more colours are in my garderobe. And I wouldn't belive if somebody tell me that I will actaully wear pink! ;)
Maybe it is because gym is "traditionally" seen as a man space, that I want to look more girly? And what is more girly colour than pink? Heh :]

Anyway, today I did a good circuit training for whole body. My quads are still little sore after Tuesday's deep squats ;)
jump, jump, jump! ;)

Warm up: jumping jacks (about 100) and 10 burpees


Legs: lunges with barbell
lying leg curl
calf muslces on leg press machine

Arms&back: biceps curl
cable arm pull down
one arm row

Chest: cable chest fly

ABS&core: crunch with medicine ball (4kg)
russian twist
suspended crunches on trx

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