Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carrot cake oats

carrot cake breakfast oats
Foodporn for breakfast? Why not!
I made myself delicious oats with carrot and apples spread with lots of cinnamon.

For one big bowl of carrot cake oats you will need:
* one carrot (grated)
* one apple
* 30g of gluten free oats
* 1 scoop of protein powder mocca-chocolate flavour
* lots of cinnamon
* Sukrin Gold (or brown sugar)
* 1 spoon of Greek Yoghurt

Cook oats in water, with half of granted carrot, half of sliced apple, cinnamon and 2 spoons of Sukrin Gold.

After 5 minutes, take pan from heating and add scoop of protein powder (to increase protein value).

Topped oats with Greek Yoghurt, rest of granted carrots and apple. Add more cinnamon and Sukrin Gold on top! Enjoy :)

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